Santiago Navarro

Santiago Navarro

Prior to joining Dynamic Planet, Santiago received a B.A. in environmental economics from Middlebury College. After spending a semester studying abroad in Córdoba, Argentina, he completed an internship at the Social Protection and Health division of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). At the IDB, Santiago researched the health and long-term care needs of elderly populations in El Salvador and Chile in support of the Bank’s report on aging and physical dependency in Latin America.

Before graduating from Middlebury, Santiago conducted an independent study of public transit systems in western Vermont, which aimed to increase access to public bus services among migrant farmworkers. Santiago also worked during his senior year to redesign the waste sorting system at Middlebury Union High School to encourage composting and recycling. Santiago lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

He spends his free time playing guitar, backcountry skiing and exploring the rugged beauty of the Vancouver Island coast.

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