Waitt Institute

Blue Prosperity Coalition

Advancing the Blue Economy to safeguard vital marine resources.

The Blue Prosperity Coalition is a network of global experts engaging in multi-year partnerships with governments to designate and implement 30% marine protection and establish a Blue Prosperity Plan. A Blue Prosperity Plan is an approach to marine spatial planning that includes Marine Protected Areas and a Blue Economy management system to ensure the sustainable use of ocean resources for ecosystem health, improved livelihoods and economic growth.

If we don’t fix the oceans now, it’s going to be too late. It’s going to be an environmental and economic disaster. No one person, no one entity can save the oceans, but if we work together, we pool our resources, this is a problem we can fix.

Ted Waitt,
Founder & Chair, Waitt Institute & Foundation

Dynamic Planet is a founding partner of the Blue Prosperity Coalition. As part of the network, Dynamic Planet facilitates partnership development and leadership engagement to help implement the Blue Prosperity approach across project sites. Current sites include Azores, Barbuda, Curaçao and Tonga.

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