National Geographic Society

Okavango Wilderness Project

Protecting the largest freshwater wetland

in southern Africa

The greater Okavango River Basin is the largest freshwater wetland in southern Africa — and the main source of water for a million people. Beginning in 2015, National Geographic Explorer Dr. Steve Boyes and an interdisciplinary team including Angolan, Namibian and South African scientists began working together to explore and protect the Okavango River Basin that spans across Angola, Namibia and Botswana. Through a series of unique expeditions into the least known, most inaccessible parts of the watershed in southeastern Angola, they have been surveying the sources of the river systems and collecting data to inform strategies to protect them.

We believe this partnership [between National Geographic Society and the Angolan Ministries of Environment and Tourism] adds value in supporting our urgent efforts to preserve biodiversity in Angola.

Paula Coelho,
Minister of Environment for Angola, December 2018

Dynamic Planet has worked as a facilitator for the Okavango team since the project’s inception by connecting partners, technical experts and funders.

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