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    Marine Protected Area (MPA) Handbook Researcher

    To achieve 30×30, the world needs to quadruple current ocean protection in the next 7 years. To help meet this ambitious goal, Dynamic Planet works at the invitation of governments, businesses and NGO partners, such as National Geographic Pristine Seas and other organizations that are focused on creating and implementing fully or highly protected marine areas with and for local communities. Fully or highly protected MPAs have been proven to restore marine life and provide new economic opportunities via ecotourism, enhance fisheries and food security around them, and help mitigate global warming. MPAs are engines of ocean regeneration that yield multiple benefits to humanity.

    But when you add up the best of current efforts, it is easy to see that we will fall short of 30×30. We are embarking on a special project to communicate and support the benefits of MPAs so that more coastal communities will be inspired and equipped to create and manage them on their own. This requires an understanding of patterns of success across MPAs as well as initial and ongoing guidance for those who are interested in joining this movement. If managed and reinvested well, MPAs are regenerating ‘fish factories’ that can pay for themselves and provide economic benefits to locals in tourism and fishing in perpetuity. We aim to develop a ‘franchise model’ for MPA creation and management, including a ‘how to’ handbook to be housed on a platform for entrepreneurs and practitioners.

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