Sustainable Aquaculture Entrepreneurs

Connecting fishers and investors

for smarter seafood production

Aqua-Spark is an investment fund with a focus on sustainable aquaculture businesses around the world. The fund supports small and medium-sized enterprises that produce safe, accessible aquatic life, such as fish, shellfish and plants, in ways that do not harm our oceans. 

Fish 2.0 builds challenging, fun and interactive competitions to improve small and medium-sized enterprise models and help them successfully approach investors. In turn, investors who participate in Fish 2.0 gain early access to new deals, co-investors and insights into sustainable seafood trends and opportunities.

As the great ocean hero Jacques Cousteau once said, “We must start using the ocean as farmers instead of hunters. That’s what civilization is all about – farming instead of hunting.” Fish is the last food that we hunt.

Mike Veilings
Managing Partner, Aqua-Spark

Dynamic Planet works closely with entrepreneurs who are improving the aquaculture value chain through sustainable practices. Our firm is an advisor and investor to various ocean impact funds and helps develop portfolio companies. Dynamic Planet has provided strategic advice to blended finance vehicles to help scale sustainable aquaculture.

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