Protecting at least 30% of the planet by 2030

The late preeminent scientist, E.O. Wilson, wrote Half-Earth to support his thesis that we need half of our planet in its natural state to keep providing for us. Currently, only 18% of land and 8% of the ocean are in some form of protection. And, perhaps counterintuitively, the more people we have on the planet, the more nature we need

A global campaign to obtain an international agreement to protect at least 30% of the planet by 2030 (30×30) was launched in Fall 2018. Scientific and economic reports highlighted the importance of nature underpinning societies and economies and the urgent need to save the diversity and abundance of life on Earth – with clear habitat protection goals. The campaign achieved a global 30×30 agreement at the United Nations Biodiversity Conference in December 2022 with support from 196 countries.

Dynamic Planet has been involved in the 30×30 campaign since its inception and has been helping support the implementation and effective management of protected areas for over a decade. We are focused now on helping quadruple ocean protection within this decade as our contribution to 30×30.