National Geographic Society

Pristine Seas

Helped create 26 of the largest national parks in the ocean, totaling over 6.5 million square kilometers

National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala launched the Pristine Seas project in 2008 to explore and help save the last wild places in the ocean. Combining science, media, and economics for expeditions to some of the last unexplored areas of our oceans, Pristine Seas inspires governments and communities to create protected areas where thriving marine ecosystems support sustainable livelihood models through responsible fishing practices and ecotourism.

The ocean has an extraordinary capacity to regenerate if we give it some space. And everyone – fisherman, tourists, scientists – ends up benefitting from it.

Dr. Enric Sala,
Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic Society

Dynamic Planet has worked in partnership with Pristine Seas since its inception. From project development through in-the-field implementation with community facilitation, strategic planning and leadership engagement, our combined work has inspired the establishment of some of the largest marine reserves in the world. We have also advised the development of sustainable tourism and fisheries models to boost local marine economies.

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