Island Economies

Case Study: Dominica – ‘Nature Island’

Helping support the marine life of a climate-resilient island nation

Dominica is a Caribbean Island nation in the eastern Antilles, with intact forests and beautiful rivers, waterfalls, and hot springs amidst its mountainous terrain. After being ravaged by Hurricane Maria in 2017, it was the first country in the world to announce its vision and plan to become a climate-resilient nation.

At the invitation of the government in 2022, National Geographic Pristine Seas conducted an expedition to document Dominica’s underwater world with its suite of science and filming with local partners. Concurrently, Dynamic Planet has been working to assess Dominica’s current marine and coastal economy – and help guide policy reform and market support to help Dominica fulfill its vision.

Wild nature helps absorb carbon; intact forests and reefs provide natural infrastructure protection against storms; ‘nature island’ attracts tourists that will pay to hike, dive, and watch Dominica’s native sperm whales.

Our work in Dominica to date includes an ecosystem service valuation, policy and market evaluations of the fisheries and tourism sectors, and case studies and best practices for holistic island marine and coastal management, including waste management.