Conservation Tourism

Connecting tourism supply chains to support nature management and investments

Dynamic Planet has been working globally for over a decade to help transform nature tourism from a traditional industry to a regenerative one. That is, starting with the destination, what are its natural assets? Are they pristine or degraded? Are they appropriately valued with adequate regulations and government funding, managed well, and can operators and visitors reinvest in the places they love to contribute to conservation management and economic development?

We prioritize our work around fully or highly marine protected areas for the ‘best bang for the buck’ in the shortest time. When the ocean has space to heal, marine life replenishes spectacularly, with well-managed tourism opportunities inside the reserve, and the spillover of fish outside the reserve improves local fishing, too.

We find the Global Sustainable Tourism Council guidelines helpful for destination management, tour and hotel operators, and travelers. Regenerative tourism models where the traveler can reinvest back into the destination require developing a working framework with the destination (government and businesses including tour and hotel operators) so that when the traveler arrives, they can also invest resources (money and time) into nature protection and management.

Destinations where we’ve worked include Palau, Galapagos, Colombia, and Dominica.