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Sustainable Ocean Economy

The leaders of 14 countries have put forward a new ocean action agenda to sustainably

manage 100% of national waters

The Ocean Panel is a unique initiative of 14 serving world leaders building momentum towards a sustainable ocean economy, where effective protection, sustainable production and equitable prosperity go hand-in-hand. By enhancing humanity’s relationship with the ocean, bridging ocean health and wealth, working with diverse stakeholders and harnessing the latest knowledge, the Ocean Panel aims to facilitate a better, more resilient future for people and the planet. 

To build a sustainable ocean economy, we must stop the degradation of the world’s marine ecosystems and improve the environmental status of the oceans. This will require action from all of us.

Erna Solberg
Prime Minister of Norway, co-chair of the
High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy

Dynamic Planet is a strategic advisor to the Ocean Panel’s Secretariat, housed at World Resources Institute. Our team advised the development of a finance track, bringing together public and private sector groups to sign the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles. The team also advised the Food from the Sea Action Coalition, which convenes public and private sector groups to ensure that 100% of food from the ocean is obtained and processed sustainably by 2030.

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